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As chemokine scientists, we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and high-quality source of experimental reagents. Our leadership team has over 200 combined peer reviewed publications and 20+ years of experience in the expression, optimization, and purification of biologically active recombinant proteins. 

Rigorous Testing

Every lot is subjected to a stringent quality control process to ensure that we supply recombinant chemokines with the highest purity and potency. These steps are utilized to maintain the native disulfide bond pairings found in chemokines extracted from their native sources.

Custom chemokines

Our production methods are robust enough to accommodate sequence modifications to any of the chemokines currently in our catalog. In addition, Our pipeline supports metabolic labeling with stable isotopes (e.g. 15N and 13C) for NMR or mass spectrometry applications.

Animal Studies

We have the expertise and capacity to produce the mutli-milligram amounts of material needed for pre-clinical animal studies. In addition, we can offer custom pricing plans to provide a cost-effective solution to achieving your scientific goals.

Consulting Services

We are here to help. Let's set up a free consultation to customize a proposal around your research goals. 

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At Protein Foundry we are commited to the success of your research program. We aim to combine our high standard methodology to the high standards you expect as part of your own successful research teams. 

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 - Matthias Majetschak, Loyola University

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